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ID: 92590
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Date Entered: 22-12-2016
Collection: myManuskrip - DBP
Shelf Mark: MS172 [D71.dir]
Title: Hikayat Raja Hindak
Original Place, Date: T.H. 1248 (=T.M. 1832)
Physical: Malay, Jawi; 21 x 15 cm; 69 p.
No. Unit: 1
Unit Notes: The first and last leaves are decorated with drawings.
Summary: Kisah peperangan antara Raja Khandak dengan tentera Islam yang diketuai oleh Saidana Ali Alaihissalam.

Subject: Hikayat Melayu Pengaruh Islam, Kesusasteraan Melayu klasik Pengaruh Islam, Classical Malay literature Islamic influences; Manuscripts, Malay; Folk literature, Malay.

Metadata (XML): HikayatRajaHindak.xml
PDF: HikayatRajaHindak.pdf (10.3 MB)
Subjects: Classical Malay literature Islamic influences | Folk literature, Malay |

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