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ID: 92588
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Date Entered: 21-12-2016
Collection: myManuskrip - DBP
Shelf Mark: MS23 [D7.dir]
Title: Buku Fa’al
Original Place, Date:  
Physical: Malay, Jawi; 22 x 18 cm; 143 p.
No. Unit: 1
Unit Notes: Owned by Ismail bin Shariff, Sekolah Kebangsaan Slim Village, Perak.

The condition of the manuscript is not satisfactory. A number of pages are torn or with holes, eaten by insects.

Summary: This text presents a number of good and bad tips which should be observed when hunting. Also includes the implications faced if one indulges in wrong doings such as stealing, being disrespectful to parents, etc.

Kitab ini mengemukakan beberapa kebaikan dan keburukan yang harus diberi perhatian semasa berburu dan implikasi yang akan diterima sekiranya berbuat jahat seperti mencuri, menderhaka kepada ibu bapa dan sebagainya.

Subject: Hunting, Stealing, Disrespectful towards parents, Ethics, Berburu, Mencuri, Derhaka kepada ibu bapa, Etika.

Metadata (XML): BukuFaal.xml
PDF: BukuFaal.pdf (3.7 MB)

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