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ID: 92587
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Date Entered: 21-12-2016
Collection: myManuskrip - DBP
Shelf Mark: MS171 [D15.dir]
Title: Hikayat Abu Nawas
Original Place, Date: 1845 = 1262 Hijrah
Physical: Malay, Jawi; 21 x 16 cm; 61 p.
No. Unit: 1
Unit Notes: In good condition. The cover is wrapped in cloth.
Summary: Cerita berkenaan seorang anak kadi bernama Abu Nawas hidup di zaman Sultan Harun al-Rashid. Bapanya berpesan supaya jangan menjadi kadi dan Berjaya melepaskan diri dengan berpura menjadi gila. Ia menjadi pelawak di Istana. Tetapi di dalam jenakanya beliau banyak membantu mereka yang teraniaya dan menyedarkan Sultan tentang tanggungjawabnya.

The story is about Abu Nawas, the son of a Kadi who lives during the period of Sultan Harun al-Rashid. His father advises not to become a Kadi and Abu Nawas manages to escape from being one by feigning to be mad. He becomes the courtís jestor instead. However, in his humour he renders a great deal of assistance to those who were victimized and manages to make the Sultan aware of his responsibility to those being victimized.

Subject: Cerita jenaka; Kesusasteraan rakyat Melayu. Kesusasteraan Melayu klasik.; Folk literature, Malay; Humorous stories; Classical Malay literature; Abu Nuwas, ca. 756-ca. 810

Metadata (XML): HikayatAbuNawas.xml
PDF: HikayatAbuNawas.pdf (4.9 MB)
Subjects: Folk literature, Malay | Humorous stories | Abu Nuwas, ca. 756-ca. 810 |

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