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Principals - 150 entries

  1. The "NASSP Bulletin": 1970-Present, Analysis of Content and Authorship. Goldman, Jeri J. 1982. 1 microfiche: negative.
  2. [Techniques to Improve the Educational Climate in Your School]. Braukmann, William T. 1980. 1 microfiche : negative
  3. Absent Teachers . . . Another Handicap for Students? The Practitioner, Vol. V, No. 4. Manlove, Donald C.; Elliott, Peggy 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  4. The Administrative Control of Principals in Effective School Districts. Murphy, Joseph; And Others 1986. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  5. Administrative Leadership in Reading: A Professional Quagmire. Lilly, Edward R 1982-Sep-25. 1 microfiche: negative.
  6. Administrative Style as a Predictor of Evaluation Utilization. Davis, Donna G.; Stecher, Brian 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  7. An Administrator's Legal Guide to Student Control. Connors, Eugene T. 1978. 2 microfiches : negative.
  8. Alternative Patterns of Adjustment: The Case of the Elementary Principalship. Crow, Gary M. 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche ; negative
  9. Analysis of Hawaii Secondary School Discipline Variables. Kalus, Janet Marie Wolcott 1978. 3 microfiches : negative, ill.
  10. Antecedents to School Principals' Interest in Research Information. Working Draft. Fillos, Rita M. 1980. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  11. Attracting Nonminority Students to Magnet Schools in Minority Neighborhoods. Levine, Daniel U.; Eubanks, Eugene E. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative
  12. Bases of Power Among Public School Principals. Zirkel, Perry A.; Guditus, Charles W. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  13. Black School Administrators: A Review of Their Early History, Trends in Recruitment, Problems and Needs. Jones, Effie H. 1983-Mar. 1 microfiche : negative.
  14. Building Administrators and Their Role in the Improvement of Practice. A Study of Dissemination Efforts Supporting School Improvement. Bauchner, Joyce Ellen; Loucks, Susan F. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  15. Building-Level PR Programs. Basic School PR Guide. Magmer, Jeanne; Russell, Ronald, Ed. 1980. 1 microfiche : negative.
  16. Career Change and Mobility for Minorities and Women in School Administration. Ortiz, Flora Ida 1980. 1 microfiche : negative.
  17. Child Abuse and Neglect. A Legal Memorandum. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  18. Climate for Learning: A Symposium. Creating a Climate for Learning, and the Humanizing Process. The Principal and School Discipline. Curriculum Bulletin Vol. XXXII, No. 341. Johnson, Simon O.; Chaky, June 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  19. Competencies of Effective Principals and Strategies for Implementation. Occasional Papers in Educational Policy Analysis: Paper No. 410. Croghan, John H.; Lake, Dale G. 1984-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative.
  20. The Compleat Principal. The Principalship in Georgia 1982-1985: A Summary Report. Davis, Guy; And Others 1986-May. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  21. Curriculum Action Project. A Report of Curriculum Decision-Making in Australian Secondary Schools. Cohen, David; Harrison, Marelle 1982. 4 microfiches : negative, ill.
  22. Dealing with Stress. Here's How, v2 n1 Sep 1983. 1983.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  23. Decentralization of Decision Making: Riverside Revisited--An Historical Analysis. Wissler, Dorothy Fast 1985-Apr-3. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  24. Development and Validation of Principals' Role-Specific Behaviors in Lebanese Secondary Schools Theodory, George C. 1983-Jun. 1 Microfiche: Negative
  25. Developmental Needs Data as Determinants for Professional Development Offerings in University Settings. Little, Ann M.; And Others 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  26. Documenting Program Adaptation in a District-Wide Implementation Effort: The Three-Year Evolution from Evaluation to an Instructional Improvement Plan. Research on Concerns-Based Adoption. Melle, Marge; Pratt, Harold 1981-Apr-13. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  27. Effective Instructional Leadership. The Best of ERIC on Educational Management, Number 67. ERIC Clearinghouse on Educational Management, Eugene, OR. 1983-Jan. 1 microfiche : negative.
  28. Effective Principals: What Do We Know from Various Educational Literatures? Persell, Caroline Hodges; And Others 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  29. The Effective School. Monograph Series No. 10. Behling, Herman E., Jr. 1984. 1 microfiche : negative.
  30. The Effects of Collective Bargaining on School Administrative Leadership. Proceedings of a Conference Held at the Center for Educational Policy and Management (Eugene, Oregon, July 9-10, 1982). Duckworth, Kenneth, Ed.; De Bevoise, Wynn, Ed. 1982-Dec. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  31. The Effects of Federal Education Programs on School Principals. A Rand Note. Hill, Paul; And Others 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  32. The Effects of Principal Styles on School Improvement. Hord, Shirley M. 1984-Sep. 1 microfiche : negative.
  33. Elementary Principals: A Checklist to Succeed. ACSA Operations Notebook 23. Amato, Ted, Ed. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  34. The Elementary School Principalship in North Dakota, No. 18. Lemon, Donald K.; And Others 1982.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  35. Elementary School Self-Improvement through Social Climate Enhancement. Final Report. Coleman, Peter 1984-Aug. 2 microfiche : negative.
  36. Enhancing the Elementary School Assistant Principalship: Some Findings from Research. Downing, Clinton R. 1983-Nov-15. 1 microfiche : negative.
  37. Essential Knowledges and Skills for Beginning Principals. Kelly, Noeline 1983. 1 microfiche : negative.
  38. Evaluating Administrative Components of Program Implementation in the Adaptive Learning Environments Model. Ellett, Chad D.; Wang, Margaret C. 1985-Apr. 1 microfiche: negative.
  39. An Examination of the Use of Assessment Centers to Select and Develop Principals. Geering, Adrian D. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  40. Factors That Affect Principals' Use of Research. Fillos, Rita M.; Bailey, William J. 1982-Feb-21. 1 microfiche : negative.
  41. The Female High School Principal: Key Factors in Successful Career Advancement. Porter-Gehrie, Cynthia 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  42. Field Experience Guidelines for University Students and Faculty and Public School Teachers and Administrators. Samford Univ., Birmingham, AL. School of Education. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  43. Final Report for the Council of Great City Schools Secondary Improvement Study. Owens, Thomas R. 1985-Sep. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  44. Final Report on Defining and Classifying Cases of Child Abuse in Rhode Island. Gelles, Richard J. 1979. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  45. From Student to Teacher. A Handbook for Student Teaching. Practicum Guidelines for Student Teachers, Master Teachers, Administrators, College Supervisors. Liebert, Doris K. 1985. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  46. Guidelines for Selected Personnel Practices in Catholic Schools, II. 1976. 1 microfiche: negative.
  47. The Highest Hurdles for the First Year Principal. Daresh, John C. 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative.
  48. How to Add the Human Dimension for More Effective Schools. Tips for Principals from NASSP. Fasenmyer, Sharon A.; Mamana, Joseph 1984-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative.
  49. How to Build a Positive Relationship with the Superintendent and Board of Education. George, Russell E. 1983-Feb. 1 microfiche : negative.
  50. How to Handle Death in the School. Tips for Principals from NASSP. Stevenson, Robert G. 1986-Dec. 1 microfiche : negative.

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