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Expressive Language - 72 entries

  1. The Application of Behavior Analysis to the Development of Language in an Autistic Child. RIEEC Research Bulletin, Working Paper Series. Yamaguchi, Kaoru 1980-Nov. 1 microfiche: ill.
  2. Assessing Language Related Skills of Pre-Linguistic Children. Final Report. Volume III. Cairns, George F.; Butterfield, Earl C. 1977. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  3. Children's Literature: An Impetus to Composition. Stewig, John Warren 1985. 1 microfiche: negative.
  4. Classroom-Directed Home Training Activities. Preschool Program: A Regional Demonstration Program for Preschool Handicapped Children. Jones, Jacquelyn O. 1981-Dec. 2 microfiche : negative, ill.
  5. Cohesion in Everyday Discourse: The Role of Paraphrase. Sociolinguistic Working Paper Number 97. Schiffrin, Deborah 1982-Jul. 1 microfiche: negative.
  6. A Comparison of the Oral Narrative Abilities between Normal and Learning-Disabled Middle School Children. Klecan-Aker, Joan S. 1985-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  7. Concrete Symbol Systems: Symbolic Skills for Children with Multiple Disabilities. Rowland, Charity 1985-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative
  8. Conversational Response Skills of Retarded and Nonretarded Children. Leifer, Jane 1982-Aug. 1 microfiche : negative.
  9. Creative Writing for Gifted Students. Chasteen, Betty 1982-Apr-3. 1 microfiche: ill.
  10. Dictation, Independent Writing, and Story Retelling in the Primary Grades [and] Research in Reading and Writing Should be Progressive: A Response to Froese. Froese, Victor; Phillips-Riggs, Linda 1984-Jun. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  11. Discovering How a Communicative Notion Is Expressed in English. Kennedy, Graeme D. 1985-Apr-10. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  12. E.H.A., Part B Flow-Through Entitlement's Project Speak. O.E.E. Evaluation Report, 1981-82. New York City Board of Education, Brooklyn, NY. Office of Educational Evaluation. 1983-Jun. 1 microfiches : negative.
  13. Educational Seduction: An Attributional Analysis. Perry, Raymond P.; Dickens, Wenda J. 1983-Aug. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  14. An Examination of Expressive Functions in a Constructivist Model of Written Composing. West, Martha Meyer 1985. 1 microfiche : negative.
  15. Feedback. Stenstrom, Anna-Brita 1982. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  16. Functional Analysis of Language Interactions between Down Syndrome Children and Their Mothers. Hooshyar, Nahid T. 1986-May. 1 microfiche: negative.
  17. Generating a Topic: Thematic Influences on Sentence Production. Newman, Jean E.; Canham, Lyn 1985-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  18. Getting Acclimated: Language in a Women's Prison. Pritchard, Constance J. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  19. Identification of and Curriculum Methodologies for Potentially Gifted Black Children. Patterson, Patricia; Starcher, Sherolyn 1981. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  20. Illustrated French Idioms. Ainsa, Serge M. 1977. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  21. Illustrated Spanish Idioms. Ainsa, Serge 1978. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  22. Impromptu Speech and Oral Translation. Seleskovitch, Danica 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  23. Improving Your Child's Listening and Language Skills: A Parent's Guide to Language Development. Johnson, Ruth; And Others 1982-Oct. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  24. Individual Instructional Programs for Learning Disabled Adults: An Evaluation. Cant, Malcolm J. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  25. Individual Styles in Language and Symbolic Play. Shore, Cecilia; Bauer, Patricia 1983-Aug. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  26. The Influence of Sense of Audience on the Writing Processes of Eight Adolescent Boys. Paquette, Jerry James 1981. 1 microfiche : negative
  27. Investigation of the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery--Children's Revision with Learning Disabled Children. Boliek-Uphoff, Carol; Obrzut, John E. 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative
  28. Language Acquisition in a Child with Cornelia De Lange Syndrome. Goodban, Marjorie T. 1985-Nov-25. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  29. Language Arts and Communications Activities Guide for Special Education Teachers. Updated. New York City Board of Education, Brooklyn, NY. Div. of Special Education. 1982-Aug. 2 microfiche : negative
  30. Language Awareness for Multicultural Populations: Building Positive Attitudes. Thomas, Jacqueline 1985-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative.
  31. Language Deficits in Children with Psychiatric Disorders: Educational Implications. Lutz, Margaret M. 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  32. Language Training for the Non-Verbal or Language Delayed Child. Cole, Martha 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  33. Learning Disabled Adolescents' Use of Pragmatic Functions and Code-Switching. Biller, Maysoon F. 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche: negative.
  34. Linguistic and Social Development in Preschool Deaf Children. A Study of The Factors Influencing Social, Intellectual and Linguistic Growth during the Preschool Years. Musselman, Carol L.; And Others 1985. 4 microfiches : negative, ill.
  35. Male and Female Language in a Picture-Description Task. Crawford, Mary; And Others 1983-Apr-8. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  36. Measuring Infant Communicative Abilities: A Guide to Formal Test Selection. Proctor, Adele. 1983.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  37. The Movement from Personal to Group Identity in Expressive Discourse. McCleary, William J. 1985-Mar-22. 1 microfiche: negative.
  38. Narrative Deviance: The Conventional and the Creative in Reading and Writing. Morgan, Wendy R. 1986-May. 1 microfiche: negative.
  39. Observational Learning: Peer versus Adult Models and Autistic Children's Learning. Ihrig, Kristin; Wolchik, Sharlene A. 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  40. Parent Helper: Handicapped Children Birth to Five. Communication. Maryland State Dept. of Education, Baltimore. Office of Special Education. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  41. The Person and the Process in the Product; a Focus on the Teaching of Writing. Tharu, Susie 1974. 1 microfiche : negative.
  42. The Perspective Structure in the Verbal Flow. No. 4. Bierschenk, Bernhard; Bierschenk, Inger 1984. 1 microfiche: negative.
  43. The Poetic Dimensions of Revision. Armstrong, Cherryl 1986-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  44. Poetry and Linguistic Awareness. Blades, Stephen 1980. 1 microfiche : negative.
  45. Poetry or Propaganda? Relating Reason to Emotion in the Classroom. Parker, Daniel E. 1982-Oct. 1 microfiche : negative.
  46. The Presence of Word-Retrieval Deficits in Developmental Verbal Apraxia. Hall, Penelope K.; And Others 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  47. Pretend Play in 2-Year-Olds with SELD. Rescorla, Leslie 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative.
  48. The Production of Metaphor in Young Children. Sharratt, P. A. 1985. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  49. Relation of Infant Vision to Early Cognitive and Language Status. Duckman, Robert; Tulloch, Deborah 1984. 1 microfiche : negative,ill.
  50. The Relation of Measures of Verbal Creativity to Selected Measures of Language Performance. Simmons, Johnny. 1985.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.

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