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Employment Qualifications - 145 entries

  1. [New and Emerging Manpower Needs.] Occupational Information Compiled during the Project Entitled "Identification of Curriculum and Services Necessary to Train Students for Emerging Manpower Needs and Job Opportunities: A Model System. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  2. The ABE Student Resume: An Alternative to Job Applications. TECHNIQUES. Van Valkenburgh, Nancy 1985-Nov. 1 microfiche: negative.
  3. The Academic Preparation Recommended by Public Relations Employers. Wakefield, Gay; Cottone, Laura Perkins 1985-Apr. 1 microfiche: negative.
  4. Administrators' Criteria for Hiring Practices. Seiferth, Berniece; Purcell, Thomas D. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  5. AEL Career Decision-Making Program. Worker Trait Group Guide. First Edition. 1978. 5 microfiches : negative, ill.
  6. AEL Career Decision-Making Program. Worker Trait Group Keysort Deck. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative
  7. Affective Work Competencies in Postsecondary Occupational Education: A Feasibility Study. Fadale, LaVerna M.; Winter, Gene M. 1984-Sep. 1 microfiche: negative.
  8. Alternative Approaches to Retirement Testing. Flanagan, John C. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  9. Are Children's Competitive Team Sports Socializing Agents for Corporate America? Berlage, Gai Ingham 1981-11. 1 microfiche: negative.
  10. Assessing Changes in Levels of Capacity and Performance across the Working Life-Span. Avolio, Bruce J.; Panek, Paul E. 1981-Nov. 1 microfiche: negative.
  11. An Assessment of Need for Developing and Implementing Technical and Skilled Worker Training for the Solar Energy Industry. Orsak, Charles G.; And Others 1978. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  12. The Assessment of Occupational Competence. 2. Assessment Centers: Theory, Practice, and Implications for Education. Williamson, Stephen A.; Schaalman, Mary Lou 1980. 4 microfiches : negative.
  13. The Assessment of Occupational Competence. L. Competence Assessment in Personnel Selection: Current Practices and Trends. Harlan, Anne; And Others 1980. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  14. Aus-und Fortbildung Beruf. Kurzinformationen (Education and Training. A Short Guide). Simon, Hans-Reiner; Paul, Frauke 1986. 1 microfiche : negative.
  15. Basic Skills Curriculum Articulation Project: Reading Skills. Final Report. Juergens-Ellsworth, Jan; And Others 1980-Jun. 1 Microfiche: Negative
  16. Basic Skills Proficiencies of Secondary Vocational Education Students. Vocational Education Study Publication No. 4. Corman, Louise 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  17. A Brief Review of Recent Court Decisions Related to the Use of Examinations for Purposes of Making Personnel Decisions. An Addendum to the Materials Prepared for the Writing Subtest of the Florida Teacher Competency Examination. Harward, Lucy E.; Hoetker, James 1979. 1 microfiche: negative.
  18. Bulletin Board Ideas for Health Occupations Education. South Carolina State Dept. of Education, Columbia. Office of Vocational Education. 1985. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  19. Career Passports. The Job Connection. Barton, Stephanie Lang 1981-Dec. 1 microfiche: ill.
  20. Career Profiles. Dallas Independent School District, TX. Dept. of Research, Evaluation, and Information Systems. 1984. 2 microfiches : negative,ill.
  21. Causal Attributions for Success in Hiring Decisions. Speth, Carol A.; And Others 1986-Apr. 1 microfiche: negative.
  22. Certification: Existing Certificates and a Proposal for CETA. Final Report, September 1979 through February 1980. Nelson, Valerie I.; Ujakowich, Roberta A. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  23. Coming Alive From Nine to Five: The Career Search Method. Michelozzi, Betty Neville; Michelozzi, Peter J. 1980. 1 microfiche : negative.
  24. Comparative Analyses of Enlisted Job Satisfaction as Measured by the Occupational Attitude Inventory. Final Report. Edwards, John O., Jr. 1978. 2 microfiches : negative
  25. Credentialing Women's Life Experiences (Project ACCESS). Final Technical Report. Ekstrom, Ruth B. 1981-12-15. 2 microfiche: negative.
  26. Desired General Education Competencies: A Corporate Perspective. Meyer, Rita; And Others 1984.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  27. Development of USES Specific Aptitude Test Battery for Refinery Operator (petrol. refin.) 549.260-010. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  28. Development of USES Specific Aptitude Test Battery for Respiratory Therapist (medical ser.) 079.361-010. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  29. Development of USES Specific Aptitude Test Battery for Ticket Agent (any ind.) 238.367-026. Utah State Dept. of Employment Security, Salt Lake City. Western Test Development Field Center. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  30. Development of USES Specific Aptitude Test Battery for Waiter/Waitress, Informal (hotel & rest.) 311.477-030. Oregon State Dept. of Human Resources, Salem. 1982. 1 microfiche : negative.
  31. Driver Selection and Training for Human Service Agencies. Final Report. Tennessee Univ., Knoxville. 1980-May. 2 microfiche: negative.
  32. Education for Work in Technological University Libraries. IATUL Proceedings, Vol 13, 1981. Fjallbrant, Nancy, Ed. 1981.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  33. The Effect of Word Processing Concepts and Skills on Entry Level Job Performance. Johnson, Claudy J. 1986. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  34. Effects of Applicant Sex, Physical Attractiveness, and Type of Job on Employment Interviewers' Decisions. Gilmore, David C.; And Others 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  35. Employing Retired Military Personnel as Vocational Education Teachers. Chase, Shirley A.; Tennant, John E. 1986. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  36. Enhancing Students' Employability Quotient. Curtis, Dan B.; And Others 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  37. The Evaluation of Women's Performance. Nieva, Veronica F.; Gutek, Barbara A. 1977. 1 microfiche : negative.
  38. Exploring Careers. Education Occupations. 1979. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  39. Exploring Careers. Mechanics and Repairers. 1979. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  40. Exploring Careers. Performing Arts, Design, and Communications Occupations. Communications Occupations. 1979. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  41. Exploring Careers. Sales Occupations. 1979. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  42. Federal Employment Process. The Career Life Assessment Skills Series, Booklet Four. A Program to Meet Adult Developmental Needs. Curtin, Bernadette M.; Hecklinger, Fred J. 1981. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  43. Finding a Job. Resumes. Pre-Apprenticeship Phase 1 Training. Lane Community Coll., Eugene, OR. 1979. 1 microfiche: negative.
  44. Finding Your Best Job: An Instructional Guide for Job Seeking Skills. S.P.A.C.E. Student Placement and Counseling Effort. Krusemark, Fred D., Jr.; Leske, Gary W. 1977. 3 microfiches : negative, ill.
  45. The Functional Approach to Determining the Physical Requirements of Jobs. Fine, Sidney A. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  46. The Future of the National Teacher Examination. Wisniewski, Richard. 1981.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  47. Getting a Head Start in the Teaching Profession. Williams, Eugene 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  48. A Guide for Local Nutrition Consultants on the Nutrition Component of Head Start Programs. Administration for Children, Youth, and Families (DHHS), Washington, DC. Head Start Bureau. 1983. 1 microfiche : negative.
  49. A Guide to Job Analysis: A How-To Publication for Occupational Analysis. Employment and Training Administration (DOL), Washington, DC. 1982-Mar. 5 microfiche: negative.
  50. Guidelines for Filling Out Application Forms. Lesson Plan. Nishimoto, Pat 1985-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.

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