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Brain Hemisphere Functions - 33 entries

  1. Administrative Brain Dominance Styles. Norris, Cynthia J. 1986-Nov-11. 1 microfiche: negative.
  2. Age of Second Language Acquisition and Hemispheric Asymmetry--Evidence from Evoked Potentials. Anderson, S. J.; And Others 1985. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  3. Artistic Expression through Exposure to the Right Brain Mode and Corresponding Relationship to the Learning Disabled. Nutter, Susann C. 1983. 1 microfiche : negative.
  4. Asymmetries in Hemispheric Control of Attention in Schizophrenia. Posner, Michael I.; And Others 1987-Jul-23. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  5. Brain Dominance & Self-Actualization. Bernhoft, Franklin O. 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative,ill.
  6. Brain Research: Implications for Education. Crouch-Shinn, Jenella; Shaughnessy, Michael F. 1984.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  7. A Center for Accelerated Learning: A Training Program for Elementary and Secondary Foreign Language Teachers. Cullen, Audrey; And Others 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  8. Components in Hemispheric Lateralization. Lynes, Sharon C. S. L.; And Others 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  9. Creative and Critical Thinking as Common Essential Learnings for Saskatchewan Schools. Klenz, Sandra 1987-Jun. 2 microfiches : negative.
  10. Cued Dichotic Listening with Right-Handed, Left-Handed, Bilingual and Learning-Disabled Children. Obrzut, John E.; And Others 1987-Feb. 1 microfiche : negative.
  11. Cueing Spatial Attention during Processing of Words and Letter Strings in Normals. Technical Report #2. Sieroff, Eric; Posner, Michael I. 1986-Dec-30. 1 microfiche: negative.
  12. De-Fusing Dyslexia. Part II. Wasserwald, Lee 1986-Jun. 1 microfiche : negative.
  13. Differences in Information Mapping Strategies in Left and Right Brain Learners. Hauck, LaVerne S., Jr. 1985. 1 microfiche: negative.
  14. A Discussion of Brain Hemisphere Characteristics and Creative Leadership among Selected Educational Administrators in Tennessee. Norris, Cynthia 1985-Mar-9. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  15. Electrophysiological Determinants of Cognitive Style: Implications for Educational and Psychological Research. Reddix, Michael D.; Dunn, Bruce R. 1986.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  16. Hemispheric Learning and the Hispanic Student. Contreras, Maximiliano 1985-Jun. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  17. Improving Lectures: Challenge Both Sides of the Brain. McClain, Anita 1986.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  18. Interhemispheric Transfer of Tactile Information by Learning Disabled Children. Berlin, Donna F. 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative.
  19. Is There a Sensitive Period for the Establishment of Linguistic Functions in the Right Cerebral Hemisphere? Vargha-Khadem, Faraneh 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative,ill.
  20. The Journal of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching, Volume 10, 1985. Schuster, Don H., Ed. 1985. 4 microfiche: negative.
  21. Learning Style Theory and Practice. Keefe, James W. 1987. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  22. Learning Styles: An Anthropological Perspective. Rockler, Michael J. 1986.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  23. Minds, Brains, and the Language Arts: A Cautionary Note. Millard, David E.; Nagle, Stephen J. 1986-Mar. 1 microfiche : negative.
  24. Performance of Deaf versus Hearing Individuals on a Visual Hemifield Task. Johnson, Jeanne M.; Ruder, Kenneth F. 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche: negative.
  25. Reading as a Whole-Brain Process: Both Reality and Metaphor. Weaver, Constance 1986-May-12. 1 microfiche: negative.
  26. Right Brain Activities to Improve Analytical Thinking. Lynch, Marion E. 1985-May. 1 microfiche: negative.
  27. Sequential-Simultaneous Analysis of Japanese Children's Performance on the Japanese McCarthy. Ishikuma, Toshinori; And Others 1986-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  28. Subconscious Programming and Creative Achievement. Bennett, Susan 1984-Jul. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  29. Toward a Hierarchical Processing Model of Audio Advertising Messages. Stacks, Don W.; Melson, William H. 1987-Aug. 1 microfiche: negative.
  30. Toward a Holistic Neurophysiological Understanding of Intrapersonal Communication. Stacks, Don W.; Andersen, Peter A. 1987-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  31. Understanding the Writing Process through Brain Hemisphere Neurology. Hogge, Joan Ellet 1985. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  32. Using Both Sides of the Brain in Teaching. Coble, Joyce 1983. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  33. Why Intelligence Tests Must Change. Flaitz, Jim 1986-Nov-20. 1 microfiche : negative.

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