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Academic Failure - 98 entries

  1. 19 Pueblo Dropout Study. Naranjo, Tessie; Laktasic, Stanley 1978. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  2. The Academic Evaluation of Minority Graduate Students in Psychology: Problems and Challenges. Tori, Christopher D.; Cervantes, Oscar F. 1986-May-1. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  3. Academic Performance of L. A. C. C. Transfers to California State University at Los Angeles, 1977-78. Research Study #79-10. Gold, Ben K. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  4. Achievement Locus of Control of Hispanic and Anglo High School Students. Powers, Stephen; Wagner, Michael J. 1983-Jun. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  5. Age-Grade Distribution, 1984-85. OEA Analytic Report. New York City Board of Education, Brooklyn. Office of Educational Assessment. 1986-Oct. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  6. AISD Needs Assessment for 1986-87. Christner, Catherine, Ed. 1986-Mar. 1 microfiche : negative,ill.
  7. Analysis of Exit Interviews with Students Who Left the Combined BA-MD Degree Program of the UMKC School of Medicine. Arnold, Louise; Mares, Kenneth R. 1985-Mar. 1 microfiche : negative
  8. An Analysis of the Non-Promotion of Regular Students Enrolled in Elementary Public Education in Louisiana during the 1983-84 to 1985-86 School Sessions. Gary, Lee P. 1987-Apr-1. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  9. Assessing Intervention Effects on Repeated Standardized Test Performance: Examining Raw Percentage Scores. Frierson, Henry T., Jr. 1984. 1 microfiche : negative.
  10. Attitudes toward Elementary School Student Retention. Faerber, Kay; Van Dusseldorp, Ralph 1984. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  11. Attributional Factors of Native American and Anglo Community College Students. Powers, Stephen; Rossman, Mark H. ED235991. 1 microfiche : negative
  12. Baccalaureate Nursing Students' Attributions of the Causes of Success and Failure in a Research Course. Wolfe, Mary L.; Damrosch, Shirley P. 1985-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  13. Behavioral Approaches to the Assessment and Remediation of Academic Problems. Lentz, Francis E., Jr. 1983-Aug. 1 microfiche : negative.
  14. Causal Attribution: A New Scale Developed to Minimize Existing Methodological Problems. Bull, Kay Sather; Feuquay, Jeffrey P. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  15. The Child Fits the Label. Juliebo, Moira Fraser; Elliott, Jean 1984. 1 microfiche: negative.
  16. Children, Youth, and Families in the Northeast. Hearing before the Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families. House of Representatives, Ninety-Eighth Congress, First Session (New York, New York, July 25, 1983). Congress of the U.S., Washington, DC. House Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families. 4 microfiches : negative, ill.
  17. Cognitive and Learning Profiles of Delinquent and Learning-Disabled Adolescents. Meltzer, Lynn J.; And Others 1983-Aug. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  18. Community College Grading Policies. Agenda Item 5. Petersen, Allen; And Others 1979. 1 microfiche : negative.
  19. A Comparative Analysis of Non-Promotions in the Top Eight Major Public School Districts of Louisiana During the School Years of 1983-84 to 1985-86. Gary, Lee P. 1987-Jun-25. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  20. A Comparison of Academic Status Statistics, Fall 1981 to Fall 1983. Report 83-3. Parrott, Marietta 1984-Jan. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  21. Comparison of Grade Distributions for Telecourses and Print Based Courses. Adams, Larry 1987-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  22. A Construct Validation Study of Test Anxiety: A Discriminant Validation of Fear of Failure, Worry, and Emotionality. Hagtvet, Knut A. 1982-Jul. 1 microfiche: ill
  23. The Cooling Out Function Reconsidered. Clowes, Darrel; Levin, Bernard 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  24. Course Completion Rates for Fall 1979: Impact on Student Retention. Report No. 80-16. Clagett, Craig A. 1980. 1 microfiche : negative.
  25. Course Pass Rates in Fall 1985: Enrollment Analysis Report EA86-7. Clagett, Craig A. 1986-Jun. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  26. The Creation of Deviant Behavior in American High Schools. Phillips, John C. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  27. The Determination of the Relationship between Academic Achievement in Nursing Courses and Success on the Registered Nurse Licensure Examination. Millican, Julie E. 1986.. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  28. Differences in Rates and Modes of Attrition Between Three Groups of Oswego Undergraduate Students. Research Report. Garber, Herbert; Schell, Robert E. 1977. 1 microfiche : negative.
  29. The Differentiated Support Option Handbook. Grade Seven. Sigurdson, Sol E., Ed.; And Others 1981-Oct. 1 microfiche: ill.
  30. Distribution of Grades and Current GPRs Earned: Community Colleges, Fall 1980. 1981. 1 microfiche: negative.
  31. District-Wide Multi-Year Status Report on High School Level Dropout Measurement for Years Ending June 30 of 1981, 1982, and 1983. Sacramento City Unified School District, CA. 1984.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  32. Do We Fail Those We Fail? Schuyler, Nancy Baenen; Ligon, Glynn. 1984.. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  33. Dropouts: A Review of Literature. Project Talent Search. Self, Timothy C. 1985-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  34. Early Identification of the Potential Dropout: An Exploratory Study Based on Fall 1979 New Students. Student Flow Program, Report 6. N/A 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  35. Early Identification System: Preliminary Report. Research Report 79-04. Stennett, R. G.; Isaacs, Lorna M. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  36. Early Identification: End of Year One Follow-Up. Research Report 79-14. Stennett, R. G.; Isaacs, Lorna M. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  37. The Effect of Retention on Achievement. Kerzner, Randi L. 1982-May. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  38. The Effects of Exit-Exam Failure on Students' Self-Concept. Jonas, Edward D., Jr.; Hayes, LaMarian G. 1984-Apr. 1 microfiche: negative.
  39. The Effects of Student Meanings and Values of Work on Intrinsic Motivation and Subsequent Student Academic Performance. Talbot, Gilles L. 1981. 2 microfiches: negative, ill.
  40. Empirical Evidence for Childhood Depression. Lachar, David 1984-Aug. 1 microfiche: negative.
  41. The Empowerment of All Students: A Framework for the Prevention of School Dropouts. Policy Studies in Language and Cross Cultural Education. Ochoa, Alberto M.; And Others 1987. 2 microfiches : negative, ill.
  42. Facts about Former CCP Student Achievement at Transfer Schools. Institutional Report #30. Philadelphia Community Coll., PA. Office of Institutional Research. 1984-Feb. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  43. Failing Students: Can You Identify Them in Advance? Lewis, Jack L. 1986-Apr. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  44. Failure Syndrome: Stress Factor for Middle School Children. Purkerson, Ray; Whitfield, Edie 1981. 1 microfiche: negative.
  45. First Year University Student Survey, 1981. McLeod, John 1981-Jul. 1 microfiche: negative.
  46. The Grade Retention/Social Promotion Debate. Lindelow, John 1985-Nov. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.
  47. Grading Policies of the Public Two-Year Community Colleges in Michigan, Fall 1977. Breen, Edward; Dulaney-Sorochak, Jeanne. 1978. 1 microfiche : negative.
  48. Help for "At Risk" Children: School-Community Guidance Centers. Texas Education Agency, Austin. 1984-Jan. 1 microfiche : negative.
  49. The Identification of Students Who Would Benefit from Retention. Stiles, Rebecca Jo 983-Aug. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  50. The Integration of Women Cadets into the Air Force Academy (An Update). Williams, John W., Jr. 1979. 1 microfiche : negative, ill.

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