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Collection Status

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Latest entries

  1. Morgan, David R.; And Others Desegregating Public Schools: A Handbook for Local Officials. 1982-Feb. 2 microfiche: negative, ill.
  2. Frankel, Robert, Comp.; And Others The Resettlement of Indochinese Refugees in the United States: A Selected Bibliography. 1980-Sep. 1 microfiche: negative.
  3. Frankel, Robert; Langlois, Joseph E. Information Services Assessment Report: Indochinese Refugee Resettlement Program. 1981-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  4. National Inst. of Education (ED), Washington, DC. Minimum Competency Testing Clarification Hearing (July 10th, 1981). 1981-Jul-10. 3 microfiche: negative.
  5. National Inst. of Education (ED), Washington, DC. Minimum Competency Testing Clarification Hearing (July 9th, 1981). 1981-Jul-9. 4 microfiche: negative.
  6. National Inst. of Education (ED), Washington, DC. Minimum Competency Testing Clarification Hearing (July 8th, 1981). 1981-Jul-8. 4 microfiche: negative.
  7. Herndon, Enid; And Others Who's Keeping Score? A User's Guide to Video Cassettes & Transcript [of the Minimal Competency Testing Clarification Hearings]. 1981. 3 microfiche: negative, ill.
  8. King, Jean A.; And Others Improving Evaluation Use in Local School Settings. Optimizing Evaluation Use: Final Report. 1981-Jun. 2 microfiche: negative, ill.
  9. Gallini, Joan K.; And Others An Investigation of the Relationship Between a Measure of Functional Literacy and Level of Functioning in Society. 1980. 1 microfiche: negative.
  10. Doss, David; Holley, Freda A Cause for National Pause: Title I Schoolwide Projects. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  11. Spandel, Vicki Classroom Applications of Writing Assessment: A Teacher's Handbook. 1981-May. 2 microfiche: negative.
  12. Kohr, Richard L. Examining Self-Esteem Needs in School Programs Through Item Analysis. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  13. Markham, R. E. Evaluating Student and Program Performance: A Faculty Perspective. 1982-Mar-15. 1 microfiche: negative.
  14. Talmage, Harriet; And Others Emerging Methodologies for the Evaluation of Arts in the Schools. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  15. Frankel, Martin R.; And Others High School and Beyond: A National Longitudinal Study For the 1980's. Sample Design Report. 1981-Dec. 3 microfiche: negative, ill.
  16. Templin, Patricia A. Handbook in Evaluating with Photography. 1981-Aug. 1 microfiche: negative.
  17. Fairbairn, Kerry Fairness in Qualitative Evaluation: Some Implications for Educational Evaluators. 1981-Oct. 1 microfiche: negative.
  18. Rock, Donald A. Internal Construct Validity of the Career Skills Assessment Program. 1981. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  19. Hinds, Lillian R.; Blass, Rosanne J. Minimal Competency Testing: Local School Development and Implementation in Targeted Areas of the United States. 1981-Apr-14. 1 microfiche: negative.
  20. Rowan, Brian; And Others Methodological Considerations in Studies of Effective Principals. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  21. Alderman, Donald L. Measurement Error and SAT Score Change. 1981. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.
  22. Stanfield, Jonathan Management Review of Evaluation Practice. 1981-Jun. 1 microfiche: negative.
  23. Dillon, J. T. The Nature of Questions in Educational Research. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  24. Norris, Carol A.; And Others Old Adversaries United: Benefits of Collaborative Research. 1982-Mar. 1 microfiche: negative.
  25. Asbury, Jo-Ellen; Frieze, Irene Hanson Students' Perceptions of Differential Treatment in the Classroom. 1981-Oct. 1 microfiche: negative, ill.


Microfiches@UMLib is an in-house developed database of library records which are available in microfiche format. The database contains Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) microfiche information of journal articles, books, research syntheses, conference papers and technical reports. Apart from ERIC records, the database also contains bibliographic information of microfiches in other areas such as science & technology and social sciences.

The Indonesian Microfiche Collection consists of historical documents of Indonesia pertaining to government administration, education, culture, ethnic and social relations, language and literature.

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